When you buy a new dog, or adopt one from the local animal shelter, the first thing you should do is buy him a dog bed.

With so many advantages to having a dog bed for your dog, it makes no sense to either make him sleep on the floor or allow him to sleep in your own bed. Here are some reasons why.

You can sleep — If you have any problems sleeping at all, you should definitely buy your dog a dog bed so that he is not sleeping in your bed with you.

After all, another living being moving around all night, or even licking your face as you sleep, will cause you to continually wake up. Get a dog bed, however, and you will always have the advantage of getting a good night’s sleep.

Worms, fungal infections, fleas and ticks — Your dog probably goes outside several times a day. When he does, he comes into contact with worms, fungal infections, fleas, ticks and other creepy crawlies. All of which can be brought into your home, and left on your bed. Btw, get rid of them with a good Flohmittel für den Hund.

With a nice dog bed (check Wauwaubetten for more), however, you will have the advantage of always having clean sheets, and not be bothered with whatever your dog brought into your home and onto your bed today.

No feces on your bed or furniture — When dogs go outside, they do step in feces, mud and other nasty things. Things they then track into the house when they come back inside.

Buy your dog a dog bed, however, and even though he may still have traces of feces or mud on his paws, none of that will end up in your bed or on your sofa.

Separation anxiety will improve — Many dogs seem to have separation anxiety when it comes to their owners leaving the house and leaving them behind.

While you may think allowing a dog to sleep on your bed, or next to you on the sofa, alleviates that, it actually makes it worse. So much so, a dog without his own dog bed to sleep in when you are not around often misses you even more. After all, he does not really have a space to call his own. Only one that you are usually in with him.

No allergies — Even if you do not currently have allergies, you can develop them by letting your dog sleep on the bed.

Another advantage of buying a dog bed for your dog is you will usually find you have less allergies because of it. This is due to not being too close to the dog with its fur and dander when you sleep.

You can, of course, buy a dog bed and place it in the bedroom next to your bed. This is a wonderful compromise, as your dog now knows he has somewhere to call his own, while he is still sleeping in the same room as you so he does not feel anxious or afraid.